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Ways Of Sharpening a Grooming Blade

Grooming blades gets blunt quite often and this can interfere with the general outcome of the intended work. However, there are many ways one might choose to sharpen his or her grooming blade but not all of them are successful. Hence make your selection appropriate and avoid any challenges. However, caution should be taken into consideration before sharpening the grooming blade as some of them might not be as a result of bluntness. If the blade isn’t dull, no need to sharpen but to establish the cause of the problem. Being filled with crap might be among the key things to the problem. Therefore, in case you observe any problem with the quality of the blade cuttings, don’t hesitate to seek assistance. In case you use your blade to groom your pet such as dogs, it will take a much faster time to get blunt, and hence sharpening is vital. It is key since the dog’s hair is quite big and distinct as compared to human hair and hence sharpening must be done with greater clarity. To achieve all these, here are key ways of sharpening grooming blades in case you didn’t know.

Use of a magnet holder. Since you are interacting with a sharp object, the risk for injury is very high and thus using a magnetic holder is very vital. The magnet can pick the blades and position them well so as the sharpening process can be done well without causing any issue. The sharp edge will extend to post the edge of the magnet, preventing the blade from falling as well as cutting yourself. After trapping the blade, you can run it along with the coarse honing stone, move forward five to ten times until it turns shiny. The use of this process will depend on many things since not all the blades can be sharpened the same way. some of the grooming blades will need the use of diamond sharpening stones. Therefore, to avoid any confusion it is good to read and understand the indications within the labels.

After sharpening, reassemble the clippers accurately. Ensure the blades face the right path as they were facing originally. Then after positioning them, one can now screw the blades and tighten the nuts for easy functionality or to avoid any problem. Proper clipper oil application after cutting and free running of the clipper is the best management procedure that should be normalized. The oil will prevent overheating by lubricating the machine. Remember if you lubricate your grooming blade you will be reducing friction and hence the long shelf life of the equipment.

Consider using emery cloth or sandpaper, especially if access to sharpening stones is hard. The only thing that one must do is to visit any nearest hardware or workshop and get some fine grit emery cloth and the sharpening process done at least times. After finishing don’t forget to lubricate before reassembling everything. All these are key ways for sharpening your grooming blades at a lower cost; thus it is good to consider them.

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